An analysis of the point of view of intelligence

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An analysis of the point of view of intelligence

Aug 21, Artificial intelligence: McKinsey Global Institute The automation technologies described in the Forrester report impose new business challenges to be faced through the implementation of the Digital Transformation process so as not to remain out of the game.

Forrester Research 1 Voice Recognition: It is used in particular for interactive voice response systems and mobile apps: In order to obtain an effective understanding of the content both from the point of view of syntax and semantics, these systems succeed in using sophisticated technologies to understand the tone and mood with which a sentence is expressed or written.

These are solutions that are already being used to prevent fraud and are also favoured by many companies for analysing unstructured data, such as web conversations and social networks, or to improve the effectiveness of automated and virtual assistants; 4 Virtual Assistants: The latter are able to interact with humans and to carry out specific actions, especially if employed in IoT projects such as in the case of Smart homes; 5 Robotic Process Automation: They are usually cloud solutions that incorporate mathematic algorithms, development and training kits, computing power, and infrastructures needed to work out mathematic models and use them to develop applications.

Currently, they are mainly used for the implementation of predictive analysis solutions; 7 Deep Learning Platforms: These are solutions that will be used in pattern recognition and grading, complex problem solving, or Big Data Analytics projects; 8 Biometric Recognition: These are systems aimed at not only making better decisions but also at making the decision-making process more efficient and effective; 10 Hardware Optimization: Technological fields of greater impact on businesses Starting from this top ten, it is important to understand what technologies might have the greatest impact within companies, through what application solutions and what type of adoption could we witness over the next 5—10 years.

The four main application areas to be monitored are: These are physical applications that integrate AI systems to better serve and support users: These are solutions that may have a very large market, both as digital services for citizens and tourists, but also as innovative solutions in the retail sector as a touch-point in omni-channel strategies where they are allied to AI-based software, virtual assistants or marketing automation solutions ; 2 Robots and sales assistants: Robots with a motor-like ability similar to that of man are still under research and experimentation.

Although the estimate for technological growth is expected to mature in the next 1—3 years, many companies have already started concrete projects: With IoT, the most sophisticated data analysis and predictive analytics can record a new wave of adoption over the space of 2—3 years, especially robots intended for collaboration with humans cobots for better security of the workers themselves; 4 Sensory intelligence: Sensory intelligence is applicable to many activities, including robotics and customer care and help desk solutions, and even medical care.

Customer Intelligence

As mentioned, it is one of the areas where technology research efforts are combined with deep learning and artificial neural networks, but according to analysts such as Forrester, it will still be 5—10 years before we see mature and applicable business solutions with optimum results.

Today, AI marketing-specific solutions are based on: Chatbots, voice assistants and even the most sophisticated virtual assistants have also been very successful in after-sales services such as help desks, customer support and customer service; 2 Supply Chain: Some examples of usage may include: Artificial intelligence systems for supply chains are also often integrated into other solutions such as marketing.

For example, these systems serve to intelligently manage distribution based on certain campaigns or promotional offers, therefore predicting potential demand and consumer buying habits; 3 HealthCare: Artificial intelligence is also already in use in operating rooms with systems that perform as real assistants to surgeons and doctors.

More revealing is the use of machine and deep learning systems for the prevention of rare diseases and cancers since AI solutions can analyse data, even unstructured, such as documents, texts, and Scientific publications, with a greater speed not even comparable to that of man; 4 Risk management: Some of these solutions can predict, and therefore reduce, the risk of fraud or loss of data or money by making real-time correlations of large amounts of data, including those related to consumer behaviour.

Today, most business projects focus on these four areas where Marketing and Healthcare dominate. As for the latter, Deepmind Healthpurchased in by Google, is one of the companies launching new initiatives that combine healthcare and AI and has launched a project that can deliver better services in very little time, extrapolating an extraordinary amount of medical information in minutes.

An example showing AI applied to Marketing is Netflix, who have made the most of this technology:Intelligence and the Trump Administration.

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We rescaled each effect size into the number of IQ point units, on the standard IQ scale (M = , View larger version.

Nature vs Nurture in Intelligence

Overall meta-analytic estimates. The environment in raising early intelligence: A meta-analysis of the fadeout effect. Sep 30,  · Members of the DA help provide timely, accurate, and objective all-source intelligence analysis on the full range of national security and foreign policy issues to the President, Cabinet, and senior policymakers in the US government.

The IC offers students a wide variety of excellent programs to get a jumpstart on a career in intelligence.

An analysis of the point of view of intelligence

Choose your agency, education level, field of study and the type of opportunity you’re looking for, and we’ll match your needs to ours. View all notes This expectation that policymakers should use intelligence analysis can be found in more contemporary evaluations that identify policy-maker ‘neglect’ of intelligence analysis as one of the primary pathologies of intelligence-policy.


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