Anne fadiman familiar essay

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Anne fadiman familiar essay

Showing of 30 next show all Fadiman is one of my favorite essay writers - right up there w Zadie Overgaard Aug 9, This is a nice set of essays penned by the author of Ex Libris another collection of essays.

While I enjoyed Fadiman's essays -- all excellently written -- I feel that Ex Libris is more endearing.

At large and at small : familiar essays (eBook, ) []

I had resisted for a long time. My husband and I were proud of our retrograde status. Not only did we lack a modem, but we didn't own a car, a microwave, a Cuisinart, an electric can opener, a CD player, or a Anne fadiman familiar essay phone.

It's hard to give up that sort of backward image. I worried that our friends wouldn't have enough to make fun of.

This short book of essays, each about 10 pages, is full of nuggets of well-expressed thoughts. I like Ms Fadiman. Were we to meet in real life, I think we'd get on pretty well.

Especially given her thoughts on coffee, ice cream, and morning larks v night owls I'm the former, she's the latter, but I like her considerations about how the two co-exist. I might be lighter than air, but I would be miserable Now, under the watchful eye of a husband so virtuous that he actually prefers low-fat frozen yogurt, I go through the motions of scooping a modest hemisphere of ice cream into a small bowl, but we both know that during the course of the evening I will simply shuttle to and from the freezer until the entirety of the pint has been transferred from carton to bowl to me.

I like hearing that her husband is a lark and the funny stories arising from the mismatch and how they deal with it. The family occupation, mentioned in a previous Fadiman essay collection, of finding typos and bad translations on menus, rung very true with me.

She's a very clever author too, with a talent for finding the funny quote in her source material. The 6 weeks that finished last year and began this, your very humble servant spent very agreeably in a mad house at Hoxton.

Maybe this is why I like blogs so much? Made me want to compulsively chase up her sources on Charles Lamb, natural history museums, and Nabokov's butterfly collecting.

Informed by Fadiman's multi-faceted education and just personal enough to add depth and clarity.

Anne Fadiman’s At Large and At Small | Of Books and Bicycles

The only thing that alternated between charming me and irritating me was that Fadiman uses a lot of words that I am just not familiar with. She readily admits to a "weakness for long words" right up front - in the very first essay, as a matter of fact.

And now I have a four columns of words on a post-it with which I need to familiarize myself - not my standard reading experience at all. I should say, though, that her admirably extensive vocabulary doesn't get in the way of the book at all.

And who knows - it might just make me a better Scrabble player!

At large and at small : familiar essays, by Anne Fadiman

The juxtaposition of the personal and the factual is a very hard thing to pull off properly, but I almost never wanted to tell Fadiman to shut up and stop talking.

The subjects she chooses are interesting, if a trifle conventional, I'm fascinated by the glimpses of her young-adulthood and brother, and the writing is elegant and fluent.

Some of my favorite essays were about the mail, coffee, and being a night owl. Fadiman's writing shows her lineage and her extensive vocabulary, but without making the reader feel dumb.

Instead, I felt like I got to learn a lot of neat new words. Another good book for keeping on the bedside table and reading an essay a night.

In this collection of essays available separately in other venues, but nestled together with great mutual congeniality in this bookFadiman begins with her own confessed interests and obsessions--Charles Lamb and Coleridge, ice cream and coffee, arctic exploration and mail delivery, mounting butterflies and flying the flag--and traces a patient, curious path through all sorts of trackless wildernesses ancient literature, Romantic poetry, familiar essays and out-of-print tomes to piece together observations that are quietly illuminating not just of the subject matter but the ways Fadiman--quietly, subtly--suggests that books are to read, loves are to be cherished, life is to be lived.

The clarity and precision of her prose are breath-taking; readers would never guess that Fadiman's process could entail, as she reveals in one essay, moving paragraphs about in the manner that a pet hamster transports food from one side of his cage to the other.

Surprising, rewarding, and deeply interesting, this book is a necessary addition not just to your library but your experience, as it will make you want to read more widely, look more closely, and think more deeply about things, just as Fadiman does.

She defines the familiar essay as one that includes both the personal the "at small" of her title and the general "at large". Each of the dozen essays in this collection also include the large and small in terms of topic, ranging from ice cream to Samuel Coleridge, as well as exhibiting Fadiman's broad knowledge base in literature and vocabulary.

One of my favorite essays was "Procrustes and the Culture Wars. Even when I disagreed with her points, the essay was thought-provoking, smart, and witty.Anne Fadiman is the author of The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, winner of a National Book Critics Circle Award, an L.A.

Times Book Prize, and a Salon Book Award.

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She is also the author of the essay collection Ex Libris and the editor of Rereadings: Seventeen Writers Revisit Books They Love.4/5(18). In At Large and At Small, Anne Fadiman returns to one of her favorite genres, the familiar essay—a beloved and hallowed literary tradition recognized for both its intellectual breadth and its miniaturist focus on everyday experiences/5().

by Anne Fadiman Be the first to review this item Fadiman returns to one of her favorite genres, the familiar essay--a beloved and hallowed literary tradition recognized for both its intellectual.

Next up on the essays shelf. At Large and At Small: Familiar Essays, by Anne Fadiman “Ice Cream” is a perfect example of what the wonderful Anne Fadiman is up to in this collection of essays.

Anne Fadiman is the author of The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, winner of a National Book Critics Circle Award, an L.A.

Anne fadiman familiar essay

Times Book Prize, and a Salon Book Award. She is also the author of the essay collection Ex Libris and the editor of Rereadings: Seventeen Writers Revisit Books They timberdesignmag.coms: 1. Decades later, Anne is happy to report that the essay has survived, even if the familiar essay is now less, well, familiar than the critical or personal essay.

A familiar essay is a confiding, inquiring, and witty reflection on a passionately considered timberdesignmag.coms:

The familiar essay: a delight in the hands of Anne Fadiman -