Athlete warehouse management case study

Header Case Studies Murphy has a diverse portfolio of customer partners and a long history of providing business solutions that help ensure a strong bottom line and business success. Here are some examples.

Athlete warehouse management case study

During these runs the brothers often discussed possible business ventures and the decisions they would face. This day the topic was whether they should open a quality sports shoes and clothing business and, if yes, where it should be located. He had competed on the Memorial University of Newfoundland track team and at one time held the Newfoundland record for the marathon.

After teaching for a few years, Colin had continued his education and in returned to Newfoundland from Ottawa where he had completed the course work leading to a Ph. He accepted a position as a Physical Education teacher at St.

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Through supplier contacts he had initiated while at the University of Ottawa, he also began to supply jackets, uniforms, skis and ASICS running shoes on a wholesale basis to a number of the schools in the Central Newfoundland area.

Ed was employed as a papermaker by the Abitibi-Price mill in Grand Falls. The purpose of the club was to encourage young people from all of the schools to participate in track and field and to offer coaching in various events.

Athlete warehouse management case study

This case was adapted from a case prepared by Bill Howse for the Atlantic Entrepreneurial Institute as a basis for classroom discussion, and is not meant to illustrate either effective or ineffective management. Reproduction of this case is allowed without permission for educational purposes, but all such reproduction must acknowledge the copyright.

This permission does not include publication. Although Colin enjoyed the coaching aspect of teaching he quickly became disillusioned with other aspects of the job. At the same time he continued selling sporting goods to various schools and coaching through the track and field club.

Colin managed the operation while his brother-in-law took care of the day-to-day running of the business. The following Septemberin Grand Falls, Colin opened The Fitness Factory, a fitness centre which concentrated on weightlifting and aerobics.

As a sideline, the business sold a limited line of sports shoes and clothing. In DecemberColin returned to Grand Falls and immersed himself in the operation of The Fitness Factory to try and reverse its poor performance.

Cohn wanted to establish a sporting goods store in Grand Falls because he was certain that an adequate market existed. The venture was important to Colin because it allowed him to work for himself rather than for others.

To Ed the decision involved tying up money he was saving for retirement which possibly could come within nine years. During discussions on earlier training runs, the brothers tentatively discussed the proposed business.

Its target market would be people between the ages of 13 and 34 who were involved in some type of athletic endeavour from school sports to adult recreational activities.

None of the other stores in Grand Falls offered a similar mix and none had knowledgeable staff to assist in the purchase of proper shoes and clothing. Colin would provide full-time management and Ed would work in the store as his shift schedule allowed.

Athlete warehouse management case study

Both would be able to provide expert advice to customers with regard to the purchase of athletic goods, especially running shoes. While Colin had established a credit rating with some suppliers, the newer ones with the bigger names, NIKE for example, required COD for the first order.

Recognizing the urgency in securing employment for Colin, the brothers began to review the various factors which would influence their decision.

The main employer, Abitibi-Price Paper, was working to capacity with no downtime scheduled during the year.

Athlete's Warehouse

Grand Falls was the primary service centre for a retail trading area of at least 50, people. Many shoppers came to the town from Springdale and Baie Verte to the west and Gander to the east.

The brothers felt, however, that their product quality and knowledgeable staff would provide a competitive advantage. This approximately 2, square foot store was located in a strip mall on Lincoln Road away from both the downtown area and the Exploits Valley Mall.ATHLETE’S WAREHOUSE SWOT 1 Introduction Colin and Ed Power are deciding on whether to open a new sporting store in the city of Grand Falls.

The store name will be Athlete’s Warehouse and their target customers are people between the ages 15 to 34 years old that are involved in any sporting activities%(3). Case Studies. Murphy has a diverse portfolio of customer partners and a long history of providing business solutions that help ensure a strong bottom line and business success.

Here are some examples. Challenge: Customize Warehouse Environment to Meet Unexpected Needs. The Athlete's Warehouse store in Corner Brook closed in early January , primarily because Cohn was no longer available to provide management. Cohn wanted to establish a sporting goods store in Grand Falls because he was certain that an adequate market existed.

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