Commencement speech at mount holyoke college

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Commencement speech at mount holyoke college

It holds you to the highest of standards. In her speech Quindlen stresses the importance of being yourself and quit the dreams of being perfect. Quindlen was efficient in conveying the message in her speech that you need to trying to achieve perfection. Quindlen uses many rhetorical devices to b able to fully convey the purpose of her speech.

She establishes ethos by using an anecdote about her life in previous years. But I can tell you this about her without question: It makes them realize who they are speaking to, that she is not just another person that reads off the common cut and dry speech. Her audience sees that Quindlen has had a life changing event in her life.

Commencement speech at mount holyoke college

This is an important part of establishing herself as a speaker because it makes the audience focus on her and pay attention to the speech. It also important because it introduces the topic of her speech, perfection.

Quindlen also effectively uses pathos to convey the need to drop perfection in her speech. In this passage she is appealing to the emotional side of people.

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She uses children as a way to take emotion from her audience. Why would any parent want to bring up their child not knowing the real side of their parents? For the audience it is very thought provoking which gets her point across easier. Using pathos in this sense was smart of Quindlen because parenthood is one of the joyous occasions in life and to basically be fake to your children sparks emotion.

Quindlen also does an efficient job of using logos to get her point across. She uses this example very well and allows it to be a precedent for their future lives. Quindlen is very effective at conveying that perfection is not what you need to strive for.

It is important for the sake of yourself to drop that backpack and to live your life to a new standard.Official website of the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education.

First Lady Biography: Lucy Hayes. LUCY WARE WEBB HAYES.

Commencement speech at mount holyoke college

Birth: 28 August Chillicothe, Ohio. Father: Dr. James Webb, born 17 March , Lexington, Kentucky. Note: Unconventional spellings and instances of usage in the commencement address below represent the preferences of the author.

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THANK YOU, Graduating Class of , Fellow Honorary Degree Recipients, Distinguished Administration and Faculty, Alumnae, Parents, Family and Friends, thank you all so much for inviting me to speak with you today.

I graduated from Mount Holyoke in A little perfectionism is a good driver; too much perfectionism can be crippling. How can we help gifted children aquire or limit themselves to just the right amount of perfectionism? Analysis of Commencement Speech at Mount Holyoke College By Anna Quindlen Identify + summarize main ideas- Perfection is the main topic of discussion in the/5(1).

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To the entire Mount Holyoke community, I say thank you for the invitation to be here and thank you very much for the Honorary Degree. To the parents of the class of '97, I know how you feel.

I have had three daughters graduate from college and always the emotions are mixed.

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