Design my own writing paper

One more week, its little successes, etc.

Design my own writing paper

Print Version Here When I'd been knitting maybe three years, back in aboutI visited a knitting store in Maryland, I forget what town, and asked if they had classes on designing your own knitting patterns. The woman looked at me with incredulity and said that designing your own was really hard to do, and no, they didn't have classes on it.

I didn't sign up for any of their classes. A little later I found a Penguin yarn store in the local mall--unheard of design my own writing paper, and maybe I was luckier then than I realized. It became my home away from home.

design my own writing paper

I signed up for a class that I don't remember the name of, but it was a sort of drop in and get help figuring out the projects you want to make. Although they sold magazine-style books of knitting patterns and I still have several of baby patternsthey didn't push a customer toward following their patterns.

design my own writing paper

I was able to choose ideas and work through them with their more experienced help. And what I essentially realized is that I already had all the skills I needed, thanks to two serendipitous circumstances: I had encountered Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman in my first year of knitting, and I had begun knitting in Germany, where in common with other western European countries but uncommon in the USknitting patterns in books and magazines provided a diagram of the project parts, with measurements.

Between these two helps, I realized that anyone can design a project. All you need are good measurements and a good gauge swatch. Whether you want to make a sweater, a tote bag, a blanket, or whatever you can imagine, just think about the shape of the item, sketch it on paper, figure out your measurements, swatch, and away you go!

OK, so maybe it's a little more involved than that: But truly, not very much. This article will provide the general process of designing a knit project, along with a few tips I've picked up along the years. I hope it will help free you, as it has me, from the tyranny of commercial patterns.

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A simple sketch It may seem too obvious for words, but first you have to have an idea for what you want to knit! Will it be a garment? For the life of me, I can't think of anything to knit that's not a garment or an accessory--even a rug is a home accessory!

Sketch your idea on paper. Don't worry about it looking like a designer's sketch as occasionally shown in knitting magazines.

Just scribble and brainstorm on paper, without bothering about details just yet. I frequently use catalogs and magazines and websites, as well as the work of my friends, for inspiration--without, of course, ever copying any of it. It's like making a soup--every time you put in the same batch of ingredients you think of something new and different to 'spice it up' and make it unique.It's easy with the Writing Wizard.

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