Dipanjan ghosh science writer willie

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Dipanjan ghosh science writer willie

Changes in the environment, particularly driven by climate change, forewarn us of the dwindling diversity of exclusive mangrove plants and the charismatic animal species — especially the tiger.

The Sunderbans, with its fast-changing geomorphic and hydrological character, is creeping towards Left Dipanjan Ghosh its doomsday. He Introduction is also a well-known popular science writer and Mangroves are a group of trees and shrubs that naturally grow in one of the editors of the coastal intertidal and estuarine habitats Figure 1.

Mangroves journal Indian Science Cruiser. The world distribution of mangroves zoology from the Univer- mainly centers in the tropical and subtropical latitudes near the sity of Burdwan.

dipanjan ghosh science writer willie

He is equator, as they cannot withstand cold temperatures. Practically nothing else is tation. The Sunderbans is the largest mangrove habitat of the world and is situated on the border of India and Bangladesh where the Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers meet the Bay of Ben- gal.

Mangrove bal warming, sea level rise, soil vegetation on the Indian side spreads over an area of sq km. Dipanjan Ghosh Figure 2. Siddhartha Goswami In comparison to the Bangladesh component, the Indian component of the Sunderbans has poor forest formation due to higher salinity and biotic interactions leading to different growth patterns and ecological succession.

Historically, Sunderbans was comprised of two eco-regions, the freshwater swamps and mangroves, but now only the mangrove survives. The massive transformation of the delta into agricultural lands over the years has caused the extinction of the fresh water swamp.

Mangrove Vegetation The mangrove forest of the Sunderbans comprises three main types of floristic components — true mangroves, back mangroves and associated plant species [2].

True mangroves can be recognized by their dense tangle of prop roots that make the trees appear to be standing on stilts Figure 3a above the water. Most mangroves get flooded atleast twice every day, during high tide. Mangroves also develop a. Mangroves can be recog- breathing roots or pneumatophores, another kind of roots Figure 3b nized by their dense tangle which usually emerge onto the muddy surface to access atmospheric of stilt roots.

Exposed breathing roots oxygen. Again, most mangroves show vivipary, meaning their seeds or pneumatophores. Propagule for viviparous manage to implant themselves in the silt along the coastline. Dipanjan Ghosh Box 1. Sundari Heritiera fomesb. Lata Sundari Brownlowia tersac. Sundari Heritiera minor and f.

Shrubby man- grove species: Shore purslane Acan- thus ilicifolius.Dipanjan Ghosh has been teaching botany for the last ten years in Joteram Vidyapith, Bardhaman.

He is also a well known popular science writer, and one of the editors of the journal Indian Science timberdesignmag.com a science educator, he is associated with various government and .

Science of The Total Environment , Online publication date: 1-Feb Dipanjan Ghosh, Andrew Olewnik, Kemper Lewis, Junghan Kim and Arun Lakshmanan. () Cyber-Empathic Design: A Data-Driven Framework for Product Design.

dipanjan ghosh science writer willie

Herring Shava, Willie Chinyamurindi and Anathi Somdyala. () An investigation into the usage of. DIPANJAN GHOSH AND AYAN MONDAL U NDER the onslaught of the vagaries of nature, animals often survive by adapting their food habits.

Dr Dipanjan Ghosh is a science writer, science communicator and nature lover. He is also one of [Photo: Md Zubaer Siddique] the Editors of the journal ‘Indian Science Cruiser’ published from Kolkata. Dipanjan Maitra. — On Sexual Kakotopias and the Idea of Potentially Infinite Sexualities J.

Edgar Bauer. — Wee Willie Winkie () and Susannah of the Mounties (): Different Imperial Frontiers, Same Anne Mabry, Amitava Nag, Indranil Acharya, Madhumita Ghosh, Sunil Sharma, Pooja Sharma Rao, Basudhara Roy, Omar.


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Work. Student. Studying. Education. Aditya Academy Secondary School, Kolkata (Calcutta). Apr 12, · In, global sales of e-bikes are forecast to reach approximately 40 million units, according to timberdesignmag.com China is expected to remain the most important market.

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