Douse the online flames andrew keen

Rhianna is writing occasional articles for Everything Epping Forest. The annual Christmas trees have already gone up and in the evening their festive lights can be seen to anyone driving or walking past. I love getting into the Christmas spirit as early as possible so I have something to look forward to - breaking up from school, even though it seems as if we've just gone back from half term!

Douse the online flames andrew keen

Captain of the Cloudstrailer. Retired from the Bank of Canada, James is the author or co-author of three books dealing with some aspect of Canadian history. Fox, who had lost his right leg to cancer, inspired millions with his attempt in to run across Canada, from the Atlantic shore of Newfoundland to the Pacific coast of British Columbia, to raise funds for cancer research.

With a distinctive hopping gait as he compensated for the limitations of his prosthetic limb, Fox ran close to a marathon every day. Weather, traffic, fatigue, blisters, equipment failure, and nagging thigh pain did not deter him. Despite enduring further bouts of chemotherapy, Fox succumbed to the disease roughly nine months later.

But his courage and self-sacrifice has had a lasting impact on people everywhere. School, roads, sports fields and even a mountain have been named after him to honour his memory.

Each year, Terry Fox runs are held around the world to raise funds for cancer research. Indeed, osteosarcoma, the cancer which ultimately killed the young man, is now highly treatable, with a cure rate of 80 per cent. As well, most victims, typically young people, no longer face the pain and trauma of amputation.

Fox seemingly hurt his right knee in the incident. But the pain persisted.

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In MarchX-rays and other tests confirmed the worst—cancer. In an effort to halt the spread of the disease, doctors amputated the leg six inches above the knee.

Within weeks of the surgery, he was relearning to walk using a prosthetic limb. While undergoing follow-up chemotherapy, Fox, an avid athlete, joined the Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association basketball team, and help the team win three national championships.

Inspired by a story of an amputee runner in the New York City Marathon, Fox decided to run across Canada to raise funds for cancer research. Throughhe trained daily with weights to increase his upper-body strength.

He also begun to run, just a half mile at the beginning. But by the fall he had built up his endurance sufficiently to run his first marathon in Prince George, British Columbia.

Although he finished in last place, he crossed the finishing line to the cheers and applause of other contestants.

Douse the online flames andrew keen

Encouraged by his progress, he contacted the Canadian Cancer Society regarding his intentions for a cross-country run, and to get its support. Fox also approached corporations for financial assistance. Touched by his request, Ford Motors provided a van, Imperial Oil, the gasoline, Adidas, his running shoes, and Safeway, food coupons, redeemable in its stores.

Douse the online flames andrew keen

On 12 AprilFox dipped his artificial leg in the water of St. He hoped to reach the west coast by the following November.

Accompanying him on his journey was his good friend Doug Alward who drove the van a short distance ahead of Fox, carrying supplies, including three spare legs and various parts. The early going was tough. Bad weather, including snow and heavy rain, hampered the run.SYDNEY Uni and Canberra ensured it was a weekend to forget for Townsville Fire as Bendigo Spirit tightened their grip on top spot in the WNBL after seven rounds of competitions.

As the National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) joins in mourning the loss of this great leader, a hope is expressed that Dr. Abdul Kalam would continue to be an inspiration and model for the awakening of people to the values of integrity, true joy and peace.

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