Essay on importance of education in our daily life

Contact Us Importance of education Education is the harbinger of the modern era and is the basis for rational and logical thinking. It has brought in huge benefits for the people across every nook and corner of the globe. Some of them are visible and some of them are not but overall they have contributed immensely to the development of society.

Essay on importance of education in our daily life

June 8, By Aditi Chopra English plays an important role in our everyday life. In this land of innumerable regional languages in different states, English serves as a link-language in the country.

Essay on importance of education in our daily life

The abolition of English will adversely affect the office work. Thus, they communicate with each other in English for their everyday work.

English remains a major medium of instruction in schools. There are large number of books that are written in English language. English literature is vast and rich. Many of the latest scientific discoveries are documented in English. If English is abolished today, it will affect the education system in India.

So, unless and until we translate these books into various regional languages, it will affect education. But this work is very hard and time-consuming indeed.

Students, with poor command over English may face difficulty in adjusting with the new environment. Communication with countries generally takes place in English language.

For a developing country like India, it is essential to be in constant intercourse with other countries.

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English is an important language for inter-state communications. Modern India has many large States. People of each State converse in their own language and often cannot speak or understand the regional language of other people.

In such cases, English becomes the link between these people. So, here too we cannot deny the importance of English in modern India. There are some absolute advantages of regional languages over English no doubt, but in spite of that there is the need and importance English language in our life.Essay about plants and their importance of statistics articulo 14 bis analysis essay slaughterhouse five tone essay social networking dangers essay about myselfRoutine of successful person essay pcv cal poly application essay, the life cycle of a human essay essay on culture of punjab traditions hube watan essay help interacting with others.

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Essay on Importance of Spoken English

Importance of English in our life. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On June 8, The importance of English in education and student’s life cannot be denied. Short Paragraph on Importance of English in our Life; Essay on Importance Of English Language In India;.

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Dec 05,  · Importance of Education in Life – Essay, Speech, Paragraph, Article. by Sueniel. Essay on Importance of Education in Life. In the 21st century, We have given our thoughts about the importance of education in daily life topic in essay format.

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Essay on importance of education in our daily life

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