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Also taking your argument to the extreme, this means that a person with voice disability is not capable of thinking intelligently. Would you be able to understand that Hawking is smart if he would be without his speaking device and you would be using your method?

This is still not enough evidence to punish them for cheating. I've had some students who cannot compose a sentence well and stammer constantly when speaking English. However, the papers submitted are golden. I investigated only to find out this student would spend 80 hours per paper submitted while other students would spend hours.

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As a counter-example, I've had other students who cannot compose a sentence in English and after they wrote an amazing paper I asked them a little about it and quickly realized there was no way that student could have done it. The solution, as you wrote, is to spend time with the student discussing it.

Has anyone in sight claimed that a person like Stephen Hawking who is physically unable to speak is necessarily unable to think intelligently? Your followup question is a waste of people's time.

Any argument has a range of validity; showing that it breaks when you push it absurdly far out is not showing much.


Clark Mar 15 '14 at 3: Many universities have "drop in writing tutors" who are paid albeit often rather modestly to help students with their writing assignments. These tutors are well-trained on how not to help too much: Having students expressly acknowledge the outside help that they get, even if absolutely legitimate, helps towards fostering good academic practices.

Thus if they go to the university's writing center or some similar entity, that's fine assuming that above it has been clarified by the instructor to be fine; but if your university has a writing center then it seems like a bad idea not to allow your students to use it in at least some waysbut they should still acknowledge it.

This goes a long way to combating the problem of "mysterious diction", i. You should really enforce this practice: I think that most undergraduates know that this is something they are not supposed to do, but many don't seem to understand that this is a very serious crime. To me at least, the crime is so serious that -- in light of the difficulties of definitively "catching" the student -- the penalties should be clarified in advance to be quite severe.

At my university, the absolute minimum penalty for this is a grade of 0 on the assignment. I would say though that a student who paid someone else to write a paper for them and is caught deserves to fail the entire course.

Structure a written assignment more than just asking for a full-blown paper at the end. This has the merit of being a good practice for other reasons.

Find someone to write a paper for you

Even in mathematics courses I sometimes ask students to write papers, and I have learned from hard experience that if you don't check in with them while they are doing the work then the final quality of the product is going to be ridiculously spotty: For a significant paper in an undergraduate course it could be appropriate to meet with the student several times before they turn in the final version:You will not merely say, “Write my custom paper,” and give us a topic and length.

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