Golden retreivals mark doty essay

Hughes uses multiple references to the hawk's capable body features and instinctive qualities to portray the natural view of the world. Doty focuses on a recurring sequence of rhetorical questions and onamatopias to represent the Retrievers disapproving outlook on the societal world. Hughes purposely emphasizes the instinctive qualities of a hawk to portray a naturalistic outlook on the world.

Golden retreivals mark doty essay

Here's my paper on the following poem: Balls and sticks capture my attention seconds at a time. Paper this is probably the finished version too: Mark Doty uses a plethora of images, an oxymoron, metaphors, and personification to express the deep loss and confusion that he feels after a tragic death in his life.

The poem is in the form of a Petrarchan sonnet because it contains fourteen lines and a problem- solution, but twists the traditional form and uses slant rhyme to further portray that the speaker is an unorganized canine.

When the speaker turns his attention to the owner the tone grows more serious because the owner is not as excited about the day.

The speaker does not understand that the owner is worried about the aspects of life, such as the past and future, and the dog does his best to snap him out of it.

The speaker as a dog also shows how animals, though they cannot grasp the concept of life, help their humans to feel love, hope, and positivity towards life. The speaker also fills the poem with many images because of how many things he runs across.

Words like ball, stick, residue, dead thing, and fog allow the reader to imagine the dog constantly chasing after something.

The poem also uses other types of figures of speech: Most humans would not find something dead thrilling, but to a dog that is a source of possible food and great, stinky smells. The dog sees it as something new and exciting, even though the object is dead.

Golden Retrievals : Poetry Out Loud

The poem has the unique quality of personifying the dog because dogs cannot articulate their thoughts and emotions into words or create poetry, though Doty makes his speaker very believable. Another very unique quality to the poem is that it follows the structure of a Petrarchan sonnet, with a rhyme pattern of abb, then cdd, but then it gets a little crazy.

Golden retreivals mark doty essay

This gives it a unique slant rhyme that is hard to follow, emphasizing that the poem is written by a dog. It also presents a problem- solution, but not by dividing the poem into eight lines and then six, like most traditional sonnets.

To further understand the poem, you have to understand the author. The poem was to show that spring is a season of life that allows a mourner to move on. A dog on the other hand, shows that animals cannot process the idea of tomorrow and only live in the moment.

The dog ends up helping the owner remove himself from his depressed mind set by forcing him to also live in the moment and to be okay with letting go of some of the grief. The speaker as a dog helps the poem steer away from a morbid and dark tone, but also remains serious to recognize the grief the author is experiencing.

Mark Doty uses a dog speaker to contrast the happy-go- lucky views of a canine and his own feelings of loss. He achieves this with his variety of tones, an oxymoron, metaphors, and personification.

He cleverly uses the format of a traditional Petrarchan sonnet to portray a unique problem- solution and slant rhyme in his poem. Works Cited Indie Bound.

American Booksellers Association, Jun 03,  · The poems "Hawk Roosting" by Ted Hughes and "Golden Retrievals" by Mark Doty convey very different animalistic perspectives of the world.

"Hawk Roosting" focuses mainly on the natural aspect of the world and an animal's appreciative stance toward nature whereas, "Golden Retrievals" focuses on teh societal aspect of the world through a dog's perspective.

Golden Retreivals Mark Doty Essay Lucius Annaeus Seneca, represents the theme of the poem, Golden Retrievals, by Mark Doty. The poem displays the relationship between a distracted owner and his exuberant Golden Retriever. Home / Free Essay / Golden Retreivals Mark Doty Essay admin 20 Apr 0 Comments While displaying the relationship between the owner and his dog, Dotty is able to portray the unman problem of living in the past and future through the integration of literary elements such as persona and imagery.

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AP® ENGLISH LITERATURE AND COMPOSITION SCORING GUIDELINES (Form B) Question 1 (Ted Hughes’s “Hawk Roosting” and Mark Doty’s “Golden Retrievals”) The score reflects the quality of the essay as a whole—its content, its style, its mechanics.

Mark Doty wrote “Golden Retrievals” four years after he lost his partner, Wally Roberts, to AIDS. The poem was to show that spring is a season of life that allows a mourner to move on.

A dog on the other hand, shows that animals cannot process the idea of tomorrow and only live in the moment.

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