How to write a letter to rev father damian

Further things to consider when writing thank you letters to religious leaders Thank You Letters Thank-you letters are letters written to politely acknowledge a gift, service, compliment or an offer. Simply put, these are letters you write to express your gratitude and appreciation for someone's thoughtful actions.

How to write a letter to rev father damian

The simple truth is, he was a coarse, dirty man, headstrong and bigoted. He was not sent to Molokai, but went there without orders; did not stay at the leper settlement before he became one himselfbut circulated freely over the whole island less than half the island is devoted to the lepersand he came often to Honolulu.


He had no hand in the reforms and improvements inaugurated, which were the work of our Board of Health, as occasion required and means were provided.

He was not a pure man in his relations with women, and the leprosy of which he died should be attributed to his vices and carelessness. Other have done much for the lepers, our own ministers, the government physicians, and so forth, but never with the Catholic idea of meriting eternal life.

To deal fitly with a letter so extraordinary, I must draw at the outset on my private knowledge of the signatory and his sect. It may offend others; scarcely you, who have been so busy to collect, so bold to publish, gossip on your rivals.

And this is perhaps the moment when I may best explain to you the character of what you are to read: I conceive you as a man quite beyond and below the reticences of civility: And if in aught that I shall say I should offend others, your colleagues, whom I respect and remember with affection, I can but offer them my regret; I am not free, I am inspired by the consideration of interests far more large; and such pain as can be inflicted by anything from me must be indeed trifling when compared with the pain with which they read your letter.

It is not the hangman, but the criminal, that brings dishonour on the house. You belong, sir, to a sect - I believe my sect, and that in which my ancestors laboured - which has enjoyed, and partly failed to utilise, and exceptional advantage in the islands of Hawaii.

The first missionaries came; they found the land already self-purged of its old and bloody faith; they were embraced, almost on their arrival, with enthusiasm; what troubles they supported came far more from whites than from Hawaiins; and to these last they stood in a rough figure in the shoes of God.

This is not the place to enter into the degree or causes of their failure, such as it is.

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One element alone is pertinent, and must here be plainly dealt with. In the course of their evangelical calling, they - or too many of them - grew rich. It may be news to you that the houses of missionaries are a cause of mocking on the streets of Honolulu. It will at least be news to you, that when I returned your civil visit, the driver of my cab commented on the size, the taste, and the comfort of your home.

It would have been news certainly to myself, had any one told me that afternoon that I should live to drag such a matter into print.

how to write a letter to rev father damian

But you see, sir, how you degrade better men to your own level; and it is needful that those who are to judge betwixt you and me, betwixt Damien and the devil's advocate, should understated your letter to have been penned in a house which could raise, and that very justly, the envy and the.The Reverend is a courtesy title used when addressing a Christian cleric such as an pastor or priest.

It is the standard courtesy title used in Protestant denominations and is one of the ranked courtesy titles used in hierarchical denominations such as Episcopal, Orthodox and Roman Catholic.


Pastor Appreciation Letter example, free format and information on writing Pastor Appreciation Letter. Aug 18,  · Address a letter to a secular priest. On the envelope write: The Reverend Father first name, middle initial, last name or The Reverend first name, 76%(33).

how to write a letter to rev father damian

Oct 06,  · Catholic Rev Father Ejike Mbaka Jonathan Buhari Sermon Part 2 Of Full Video NaijaGists com. The proper ecclesiastical forms of address for both writing and speaking vary among countries.

The forms of address used in the United States for correspondence and for speaking are given below, along with some mailing addresses of Church officials. Aug 18,  · How to Address a Letter to a Priest Three Parts: Writing to a Priest Addressing the Other Catholic Leaders Using Proper Etiquette around Priests Community Q&A Knowing how to address a letter to a priest of the Roman Catholic Church can seem complicated, but it's important that you follow proper protocol if you want to 74%(31).

How to Address a Letter to a Priest: 11 Steps (with Pictures)