Hrm practices in rmg sector

The existing workforce of the company totals to staff and workers. The corporate culture of Texeurop BD Ltd promotes open communication, innovation and rewards excellence. Managers and staff achieve spectacular results because of their training and product knowledge.

Hrm practices in rmg sector

Administration is one of the important departments in the company to implement the policies rules and regulation. Administration department will manage the whole work process with the polices build up by the management of the company 30 pages, words The Research paper on Unfair Labor Practice and Apparel Companies Raising labor tandards often requires financial and resource investment by factory Stephan, Environmental Information Disclosure Programs: They Work, But Why?

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People working in the company are the greatest resource. Human resource department ensure the maximum benefit of the human working in the company and also ensure the maximum productivity by motivation. After completion of the program period a student must submit the report on the assigned topic to the supervisor and to the department.

Theoretical knowledge is not enough for a student. It is essential for a student to acquire practical knowledge.

Human Resource Management Practices Texeurop BD Ltd - Assignment Point

This report is prepared for showing the windy apparels ltd and overall RMG sector. Therefore, this studies report is the outcome of an academic need as well as practical knowledge and the outmost and enthusiastic intention of the researcher under the proper and in-depth guidance of a highly experienced dedicated guide.

Manager of windy apparels ltd. The human capital that is needed for Applying a risk methodology to management for human capital In spite of my best effortthis study is not free from the following limitations: Established in the Windy group has expanded dramatically over the past 10 years and is today the largest and most diversified industrial conglomerate in Bangladesh.

Among the variety of business, Windy Apparels Ltd ready-made garments manufacturing industry, which started its commercial production in March under the name of windy Apparels Ltd. Since inception, the company has been growing steady.

If has been established in There are employees work here.

Human Resource Management Practices in RMG Industry

It contributes large portion of foreign currency exporting by ready made garments. Its total area is square feet and provides a good working environment.

The over all management of the company will be vested with the Board 4f Directors. The Managing Director will be the executive head who will look after the business affairs and other logistic supports of the economy.

However Managing Director will be assisted by the managerial and technical personnel who will be the directors of the company. Job Design Job design is method which involves organizing employee tasks and giving Human resource department has become more important today To conduct the business with high integrity.

To consistently developed high quality product to keep their standard above others. To endeavor innovation to excel in every aspect of their operation. They should never be separated, Management is personnel administration. Management has the three jobs, two of which are directly related to personnel managing workers and work management is the process of efficiently getting things done with and through other people.

HRD deals with the design of formal systems in an organization to ensure the effective and efficient use of human talents to accomplish organizational goals.research gap in the context of RMG industry in Bangladesh so that employees’ performance could be improved through the implementation of proper HR practices and employee engagement.

Hrm practices in rmg sector

2. Methodology The study has been conducted based on the previous literatures of human resource management practices, employee .

It is notable to mention that in case of Bangladesh RMG sector most of the existing literatures discussed about the infrastructural and strategic matters whereas SCM and TQM practices in an.

HR PRACTICES 11 HRM Practices in Bangladesh HSBC is the bank where all the employees are monitored under an effective HR department. This department of the organization playing the role of implied authority of HSBC.

Internal and external all the situations and considerations related to human is monitored and operated by the HR 4/4(9).

Human resource management Human resource management (HRM) is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment of, management of, and providing direction for the people who work in the organization. HRM can also be performed by line managers. Job analysis is primary tool in personnel management.


It is my pleasure to submit my dissertation report, as I completed my study on the particular topic of ‘‘HRM Practices in RMG Sector” a comprehensive study on windy Apparels Limited in Bangladesh. I was assigned to project course on “HRM Practices in RMG Sector” for completing the program. Rationale of the study: Theoretical knowledge is not enough for a student.

It is essential for a student to acquire practical knowledge. This report is prepared for showing the .

Human Resource Management Practices Texeurop BD Ltd - Assignment Point