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Plot[ edit ] The action of the film takes place inin a fictional town called Acqua Traverse in Southern Italyduring the hottest summer of the century and the infamous Years of Lead. A nine-year-old boy named Michele Amitrano and a group of his friends set out on a race across scorched wheat fields to a deserted farmhouse. Michele's sister tags along but falls over, breaking her glasses, and she calls out to Michele, who runs back to her.

I m not scared niccolo ammaniti free

He studied at Liceo Classico and then at university where he read biology. He quitted university before obtaining a degree and decided to breed fish in his bedroom in twelve aquariums containing two thousand litres of water, as a business, in order to earn some money.

It premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in February He will be thrown into adulthood when he loses his innocence and his faith in the adults around him,and realises that those closest to him are not what he thought they were.

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And through finding out adult cruelty in kidnapping a child his own age and demanding a ransom from his parents. Michele is put through a dilemma, whether to keep his promise to his father by not going back to see Filippo, or listen to his pure heroic nature. He is helpless and confused as a child and yet courageous and righteous as an adult.

The complexity inherent in growing up. Having lost faith in his idealised father and mother and all grown ups surrounding him, he has to work things out by himself and act like a humanitarian hero. The author writes with great accuracy the feeling of fear and fantasies of corpse-eaters, ghosts, monsters, and bogeymen that come out at night, which are part of everyday life of a child.


Michele is intimidated, like the other children of the hamlet, by Skull Antoniowho seems to have hold over them through fear and seems to take a sadistic pleasure in ordering his friends around and getting away with it. The story starts in a slow rhythm which conveys the stifling summer heat and also the isolation of the Aqua Traverse people.An enthralling thriller, I'm Not Scared is also a devastatingly authentic portrayal of childhood and the tension when it must join the adult world.

© Niccolò Ammaniti, English Translation Jonathan Hunt, (P) Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Example essay topics 1. The novel I’m Not Scared shows how times of hardship expose people with close reference to the text. 2. “Papa is the bogeyman.” Is Pino Amitrano an evil man?


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3. I’m Not Scared is both the title of Niccolo Ammaniti’s novel and a phrase Michele actions to free Filipo are not driven by fear for. “I’m Not Scared” by Niccolo Amminiti Essay Sample. The title of the novel is ironic because it means a denial of fear, but is contradicted by experiences of characters, especially Michele.

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The hottest summer of the 20th century. A tiny community of five houses in the middle of wheat fields. While the adults shelter indoorsReviews: Niccolo Ammaniti's I'm Not Scared shows that fear controls our lives.

I m not scared niccolo ammaniti free

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