Novotel changes management

Some names of people and places have been modified to protect the individual privacy. A quiet afternoon in ; Mrs.

Novotel changes management

First, we summarise the actions that managers took in terms of strategy and organisation. Second, we consider the sequence and timing of events, and how this resulted in rapid transformation in an organisation employing more than 30, people. We observed both deliberation and experimentation; both integration and differentiation.

Novotel changes management

Finally, we wrap up with a discussion explaining how our story can add to better thinking about change. We suggest that we can shed new light on some old debates and provide tangible guides for action. Introduction The study of organisational dynamics has produced innumerable accounts and theoretical frameworks, and yet neither practitioners nor scholars seem to be satis?

This is probably because organisational changes are complex phenomena that can be viewed from different and complementary perspectives. Here we focus on the insights from a longitudinal process perspective. Accor has been established for more than 20 years and has been evolving continuously to?

He has recently bene? He has served on commissions that looked to evaluate research programmes of business schools in several European countries, and this has stimulated this project.

This shows how an old business can be turned around, and that this process need Novotel changes management be slow, and moreover how it can bene? This rejuvenation was radical, and at the same time distinctly European in a global business.

Our study has some valuable lessons. By taking a longitudinal perspective spanning many levels inside the?

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Real stories of change, like this one, exhibit many interconnected facets of activities that theorists often see as distinct. Most managers are guided by experience, and ours stresses the value of dialectical thinking.

In studying Novotel, our? We collected data without any particular theory of change in mind by listening to stories told by Novotel staff of their experiences and by reading the documents of the company. The results of this exercise have been published elsewhere as a case study that stressed the chronological aspect of events.

We begin by a short description of the context of Novotel and the way we collected our material before moving to interpreting the story of the change we observed.

We interpret the story by identifying eight factors that summarise the strategic and organisation dimensions of what we saw. We suggest that for Novotel our eight factors are inclusive, and in some ways complete.

Novotel changes management

We also discuss the timing and sequence of the change path, a matter we suggest is critically important. In this case good timing coupled with fortuitous circumstances resulted in a speedy transformation.

We end the article by showing how for Novotel the change processes were both ambivalent and dialectical. The sub-title of this article— Back to the Future—was the name of the change project that Novotel adopted, and it re?

It was also a name that emerged from within the change process, not being imposed from the top at the start, but adopted by common consent during the change period. This and many other observations we make below suggests how the Novotel story can inspire the development of better conceptual frameworks taking a more integrated view and improve managerial practice.

Two entrepreneurs, Paul Dubrule and Gerard Pelisson, neither of whom came from a hotel background, founded Novotel in During the s Novotel expanded at an average rate of one new hotel every month; and by the s it had become the market leader in Europe. In it had hotels in 18 European countries.

It was also a global? In all Novotel controlled more than 36, rooms and had more than 30, employees.

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It mixed facets from four-star and three-star hotels and emphasised standardisation. For example, standardised guestrooms at 24 square metres were larger than average for the price.

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3. NOVOTEL: Change Management Programme. From Kurt Lewin’s work (appendix 1) in the s to the present day, organisational change, as a systematic process, has become the core and part of organisational life.

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