Sample pen picture of an army officer

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Sample pen picture of an army officer

A chief nurse serves as the head of the nursing staff across different hospital departments.

Sample pen picture of an army officer

To become one, you will need to have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in nursing. Securing a Master's degree is even better. In addition to a nurse's skill, most employers take into consideration her clinical experience, specifically the number of years and the different departments in which she has served.

Nursing Duties As a chief nurse, you are responsible for maintaining clinical and patient-care standards. To do this, chief nurses work closely with senior health management professionals, offering advice on the best ways to improve facility care.

You are also responsible for coordinating the implementation of new nursing strategies. You must have extensive knowledge of the health care practices within the hospital, particularly the nursing procedures, staff rules and patient policies.

A chief nurse may develop and manage care programs for patients while planning new patient services.

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They may conduct assessments and evaluations to gauge the efficiency of the different departments within the hospital. Administrative Tasks A chief nurse may be involved with clinic recruitment. This includes interviewing potential employees, supervising their training and making decisions on retention.

Sample pen picture of an army officer

You may establish new policies and guidelines for nursing operations and patients care. A chief nurse may be included in the management and disbursement of the nursing budget as well as the different nursing benefits. In addition, the chief nurse may sometimes be involved in disciplinary decisions.

Liaison With Physicians A chief nurse serves as the closest link between physicians and nurses. To achieve this, you may need to revise hospital policies or recruit new nurses. A chief nurse keeps track of emerging technologies, ensuring the hospital readily adapts to positive changes in the health care environment.

Leadership Role in the Workplace As part of your duties as a chief nurse, you will be expected to maintain the high standards all other nurses must follow. A chief nurse also works toward creating the best working environment for nurses by introducing measures aimed at fostering collaboration.

Your duties may extend beyond the workplace to serving as a spokesperson or trainer at conferences and seminars. A chief nurse reviews the certifications of nurses to ensure they are in compliance with the workplace directives. Strong emotional stability, detail orientation and organizational skills are required for the job.

You must be compassionate when dealing with patients and nurses, but still capable of taking the right corrective actions when needed.WO - Reports of the Army Personnel Research Establishment This record (browse from here by hierarchy or by reference) Catalogue description Pen-pictures in young officers' annual confidential reports.

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Pen-pictures in young officers' annual confidential reports | The National Archives