Types and uses of fertilizers

There are three main classes of manures used in soil management: Animal manure Cement reservoirs, one new, and one containing cow manure mixed with water.

Types and uses of fertilizers

Abu Qir Fertilizers is a national company that has an inveterate history since its foundation.

Types of Fertilizer,How Many Kinds of Fertilizers Do You Know?

The company was established according to the Ministerial Decree No. During its deep- rooted history the company was able to serve the Egyptian citizen in all sincerity and dedication to stand by his side all the time in his own success as an essential partner, also the company was able to be a leader either in Egypt or in its region, it represents the backbone of the Egyptian industry sector.

Abu Qir Fertilizers Co. Destined forward to achieve its strategy in supporting the national economy and solving the most important issues, which related with the continuation of life that Egypt is suffering fromnamely, the problem of food in Egypt.

Types and uses of fertilizers

In view of challenges and changes that the world is witnessing nowadays, in addition to the severe shortage of energy sources and natural gas and in a world that evolves and changes every moment, the company is so keen on being as close as possible to its customers, it identifies then satisfies their needs as befits its valued customers and its long history.

Therefore, we are seeking to provide the best quality of fertilizer products, as well as achieving the desire of our customers to receive integrated services. One of Abu Qir Fertilizers Co. As well as the provision of all production requirements related to the establishment of new projects by a professional team, supported by the best international expertise to face a different comparison market standards, varied consumption patterns and a rapidly evolving international market.

Another distinctive feature of Abu Qir Fertilizers Co. The vision of the company has already achieved on the ground, where these skilled workers has become a reason for the superiority of the company on both local and international levels, everyone inside this inveterate entity believes that stages of growth made by the company during the past decades - is the main guarantor of its leadership in future - represented in upholding the value of teamwork, integrity and performance efficiency for various functions.

Under the consecutive wave of changes that sweeping the globe, the company's management maintains its firm doctrine that human capital is the company's most valuable asset. As for the social responsibility, the company has undertaken the development of the surrounding community in its account, through the implementation of several effective and productive projects for Clean Development Mechanism CDM.

In compliance with environmental global standards, continuous improvement of the environment and control pollution.

The company believes in the role of national companies in the service of their communities, and it works to develop it as well as supporting initiatives aimed at providing a better life for the Egyptians in the field of health, education and support handicapped.

Abu Qir Fertilizers Company's message includes the optimum utilization of available resources in order to achieve higher added value and effective contribution in economic and social development and integration among all fertilizer industry types, to support the serious scientific research in fertilizer industry and its related uses as well as environment and human preservation.

Taking into account the environmental standards and requirements so as to intensify and coordinate the environmental cooperation in various fields with the relevant specialized agencies, highlighting the complementary and leading role in strengthening the company's production.

Management confirms its full confidence in the ability of its team, that has enough experience and skill to win the trust and respect of customers in various countries around the world. And packing, buying, selling, and making business in it inside Egypt or abroad.

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Also handling all the processes and activities related to the purpose of the company. The company have the right to have business or get involved in partnership in any form in other companies and so on which are involved in similar business field, or to help it to achieve its purpose in Egypt or abroad, it can also be merged in the abovementioned entities, or buy it, or be attached to it, and all this according to the law and regulations.However, organic fertilizers have more diversity, and these types of fertilizers do not burn plant roots, get into ground water, or affect surrounding growth as is the case when using the different types of chemical fertilizer and NPK amendments.

NPK fertilizers are three-component fertilizers providing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. NPK rating is a rating system describing the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in a fertilizer. NPK ratings consist of three numbers separated by dashes (e.g., or ) describing the chemical content of fertilizers.

While most potash is used in various types of fertilizers, there are many other non-agricultural purposes for this element. Types of Fertilizers. Get Free Quotes Check out our guide to different types of fertilizer below and get ready to give your garden growth a boost!

Organic Fertilizer. As the name implies, organic fertilizers are composed of naturally occurring biodegradable materials. Most organic fertilizers are made with. Keep pace with the global chemical industry and its competitive markets. In publication for over 60 years, the Chemical Economics Handbook (CEH) provides five-year outlooks and extensive market data on + industrial chemicals.

Organic fertilizer comes from an organic source such as manure, blood meal, cottonseed meal, feather meal, crab meal, or others, as opposed to synthetic sources.

There are also some natural fertilizers that are not organic, such as Greensand, which contains potassium, iron, calcium, and other nutrients.

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